london-real-estate-agent“A home that shows well and is priced right should sell within the first six weeks” says London, Ontario real estate agent, Brian Van Bart.

It becomes a frustration to the seller when things don’t turn out as expected. When your real estate agent starts to push for a price reduction, you might start thinking the agent just wants a quick sale. As a seller, you need to understand that a listing loses momentum once it has been listed. Here is what to do to get more traction.

  • Refresh your advertisement

Buyers look at properties in advance before purchasing them. Some do research for a long period. This means that your potential buyers can easily notice when your promotional details and listing id unchanged for months.

You can hire a professional photographer to help you take clear shots at different times and of different places of your home. Refresh the pictures more often and update your property description.

  • Change your price.

As much dropping the price may not be the answer, being stubborn can’t be either. You can do a research on the online portal and check the prices of similar properties. This can also help you price your home right. Work with your agent to help you have the price the home is worth and sellable.

  • Take a break from the market

When you keep your property on the market for a long without taking a break, the three things listed below may happen.

First, buyers may use the time it has stayed on the market as a bargaining tool and claim to do you a favor by buying your home.

Secondly, buyers may skim past your property in the listing for having seen it for so long

Thirdly, buyers may avoid it for fear that something is wrong with it since it has stayed around for long.

You should give your home a rest for a few months then on taking it back it will be a new property that buyers haven’t met yet.

  • Give your home a makeover

Gather information from your agent and some buyers who are willing to cooperate. Let them what made them not to buy the home. Their feedback will help you make some improvements and renovations to curb appeal.

  • Go comparison shopping

You should be keen on the scope of competition for homes with similar features. Get the market trends in your area and price bracket. Attend open auction and inspection and have talks with other buyers at those homes so as to get insights.

  • Seek and heed advice

Ask for advice from your agent, property experts, potential buyers, friends, family members and others you trust. Commit to take constructive suggestions even if told what you didn’t want to hear.